Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Aviso a navegantes:
Día de la Ascensión 6/6/6

NASA has recently answered with a world press release to the prediction of a mega tsunami, created by a possible impact of a fragment of the comet SW-3 on MAY 25, 2006 in the Atlantic Ocean.
This prediction, based on a clear and precise psychic communication, was confirmed by many sources.
This information was itself spread out by an international press release, and taken into account by American media, even in Europe and Africa. NASA headquarters therefore spoke directly to the author of the prediction, which is quite strange.
In order to spread this vital warning (waves until 200 meters), Eric Julien has decided to resign from his position of Director of Exopolitics Institute to create a website dedicated to save the lives of the Atlantic coast people, in the East of South America and North America, and the West of Africa and Europe :
Eric Julien invites everyone to warn family and friends, who do not live in a safety area, to go to proper places on MAY 25, 2006 : inland and/or the heights.
This date is the Ascension Day, i.e. the day for the people to go up.
This date, once converted in the traditional Julien calendar (16 centuries long), is JUNE 6, 2006, i.e. 6/6/6.
Julien claims that we have still time to organise the protection of citizen without panic.
We must stay calm and face this collective responsibility with dignity.
This former military air traffic controller and civilian jet pilot has got the time to develop his sense of responsibility.
He proves that the heavy NASA administration, having lost two space shuttles (50% of the fleet) due to a lack of vigilance, does not know all the parameters to claim that there is no danger for Earth, especially when data of cometary trajectories were “curiously changed”, as he proved it. As former instructor in the French astronaut Patrick Baudry Space Camp, Julien has recently studied the fragmentation of SW-3 and claims that a big Earth change will happen end of MAY.Please, read regularly the updated articles about MAY 25, 2006, circulate them and warn potential victims around you :
Thank you for your action which will save thousands of human lives.
It is really urgent !
En español, muchas gracias.


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